Communicate using your own history.

You do not need to be a multinational company or to have existed for a long time to tap into your history. Large industry, association, SME or self-employed, your evolution is unique and sets itself apart from others.

Besides its marketing potential, your past can be activated toward various strategic directions :

  • A training tool for your employees
  • The founder’s biography as a selling point
  • An integration tool for new teams during a merger
  • An activity kit to celebrate your anniversary
  • A Web page to highlight your innovations through time

Your history is a powerful communication and management tool.

  • Available and at your fingertips.
  • Flexible. You choose the amount of information you want to use, the frequency at which you display that information, the audience you wish to reach and the methods to present it.
  • Active and pertinent, because your history builds on itself every day.
  • And most of all UNIQUE because there is only one like you.


  • Web
  • Research and information collecting
  • Indexing
  • Interviews
  • Production of content
  • Revision and updates